End Dumps

Dart / Rimpull have been a world leader in durable mechanical-drive rear dump trucks since the 1920’s. Hundreds of our 100 ton rear dump model 2771 were delivered starting in 1965. This series was upgraded to the Model 3100 series with a rigid box chassis design. Hundreds more were built and are still in service around the world in a wide range of mining applications the rugged box frame and drive train components have logged literally millions of successful operating hours. Once again upgraded in 2012 to the 3100B, is the continuing evolution of this highly successful lineage. In 2013 Dart / Rimpull added the Model 3120B that has an upgraded drivetrain and dump body to accommodate up to 120 tons of payload. Our Model 2085C tandem rear drive axle 85 ton unit has also been a world leader in the 85 ton payload class.

  • Engineered to Meet Application. Depending on mine specific standards and practice, we taylor the dump body, power train, suspension, brake system and hydraulic controls to best suit your needs in the field.
  • 85- to 120-ton Size Range. Currently the longest lifespan rear dump trucks on the market.
  • Tier Compliant. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest tier compliant power trains and control systems.

Model 3100B

Model 3120B

Model 2110