Trailer Assemblies and Prime Mover Conversions

We custom design trailer bodies for site-specific coal, salt, ore and dirt operations. Trailers utilize Rimpull axles for dry brake or wet disc brake applications, along with our 12″, 20″ or 23″ ball hitch assemblies. In addition to manufacturing trailer assemblies for Rimpull and Dart trucks, we also perform complete conversions of other prime movers, from end-dump to tractor-trailer applications. Services include:

  • Trailer Body Customized to Fit with Prime Mover.
  • Trailer Designed to Match Primary Loading Equipment for Load Optimization and Fit.
  • Trailer Axle Assemblies Designed for Customer Specific Tire Sizes.
  • Tractor-Trailer Ball Hitch Assembly.
  • Rear Fenders, Decks, Access Doors, Handrails and Mud Flap Assemblies.
  • Turn Arrestor Assembly.
  • Systems Conversion-Air, Hydraulic, Braking, Dump Door and Electrical Systems.
  • Braking Certifications and Weight Studies.