Fleet Renewal

Rimpull’s Fleet Renewal Program offers recertification of existing vehicles with custom remanufacturing options for various models. Choose the customized features and upgrades to renew your fleet to like-new conditions with maximum return on investment.

Economic justification for the fleet renewal over a 2 to 3 year payback period is based on the combine factors of increased fleet productivity, increased vehicle operating availability, reduced vehicle annual maintenance costs, and personnel savings from a reduced fleet size.

Performance: Vehicle performance is increased with upgraded, modern tier-compliant power trains and increased payload capacities..

Reliability / Availability: Vehicle reliability is on par with new vehicles and warranted the same.

Return On Investment: The result from increased productivity and decreased operating costs may yield a ROI of 1.5 to double that of purchasing new vehicles.

Quick Payback Period: Fleet renewal can be financed using expense budget instead of capital budget funds to achieve a 2 to 3-year payback.