About Us
Rimpull Corporation started in 1971 at our Olathe Kansas headquarters. We strive to produce the most productive off-highway vehicles with the lowest operating cost. We have been manufacturing off-highway vehicles and delivering parts to the mining industry since 1974.

Rimpull is a medium-sized manufacturer of haulage vehicles that are custom engineered for the leaders in the Mining and Arctic energy industries. We have focused on providing and supporting quality-assembled, high-performance products. Our formula for success is built on trust, quality, innovative design and personal attention to the customer’s application and technical needs. Our highly experienced engineers and field service technicians are dedicated to our customers, offering personalized service with responsive parts and technical service support.

Our strategic vision is to produce safe, simple, durable and productive off-highway and Arctic transport vehicles along with high quality parts that give customers the best possible value.

Safe. Simple. Durable. Meet the Rimpull motto. While we want to design a productive cost efficient product to meet the needs of your company, safety is the first design priority at Rimpull. Our products have been tested and certified to keep up with current safety standards and practice.

Our field service technicians, shop technicians, and engineers have an impeccable history of safety at mine site locations and in our own plant. MSHA and OSHA training is provided to employees every year to insure safety is maintained as the highest priority at Rimpull.

Rimpull and Dart brand vehicles are easy to maintain and built to last. While the other leading competitors in the industry design their product to last a certain amount of years, our chassis and axle frames are designed for long term service.

Through our fleet renewal and re-certification programs our trucks regularly stay in service 40+ years.

Rimpull has been a proud leader in off-highway vehicles and products. From our 67-acre corporate plant site in Olathe, Kansas, we have launched an expanded vehicle product line.

Since 1971, Rimpull has set a standard of excellence through innovation, custom manufacturing and strategic services.