Roadless Transport

Rimpull is the world leader in Roadless vehicle technology.  The vehicle performs as an all-weather "land barge" for remote area haulage over Arctic tundra, snow, ice and sand terrain.  High gradability and side-slope stability for high CG in extreme roadless conditions.  The top roller drive technology transmits chassis payloads and drive torque to the ground through large-footprint, smooth-tread balloon tires. The low ground bearing pressure (ranging from 7-14 psi.) that is controlled in the cab by the operator to select up to 50% more ground contact area giving more traction when it is required. Our Roadless product is design to perform with reliable operation of -40°F ambient temperatures.  Power trail meets modern Tier 3 environmental and J1939 standards.

  • High ride stability and soft suspension for impact sensitive loads.
  • Top roller-drive technology.
  • Low tire ground-bearing pressure.
  • All-weather durability.
  • Environmentally compliant.
  • Evolutionary design.
Model RT-20T
Model RT-30T
Model RT-40T